Make Waves with Wilton’s Ethereal Designer Collection

“We set out to make this new collection our first focused solely on inspirational design and the result doesn’t disappoint.” Says Damian Roscoe, head of creative, on the latest collection from Wilton Carpets. “Inspired by a natural aesthetic with an emphasis on textures and layers, Ethereal delights in the beauty of decay on a backdrop of classically beautiful pattern.”

With worn Persian effects, deconstruc... read more

Why British Wool makes sense in British Carpet

For those of you who didn’t know, most of the carpets made here at Wilton are wool-rich, crafted in Wiltshire using 80% wool. Of the wool used, around 80% comes from dedicated and hard-working sheep farmers across Britain. Wool carpet from Wilton really is a British affair and for good reason.

There are more than 60 breeds of British sheep – New Zealand has just four, despite producing more than five times the volume of wool... read more

The Catalyst to wonderful floor design

Sparking creativity to create beautiful floor layouts, Catalyst is the latest versatile and inspirational tufted carpet collection from Wilton Carpets.

Wilton has carefully selected over 40 striking and adaptable designs to provide the inspiration for layouts that bring the beauty and individuality of bespoke carpet. Catalyst patterns can be combined, changed, amended and re-coloured bringing limitless design potential.

“Wi... read more

Wilton turns up the tufted style

Wilton Carpets’ hugely successful tufted carpet portfolio has been strengthened further with the introduction of Berwick, a collection of 14 trend-led and thoroughly modern herringbone and stripe styles that are ideal for use in a wide range of hospitality environments.

In a high-performance 80/20 wool-rich tufted construction, Berwick gives designers a great opportunity to introduce on-trend linear and herringbone styles in areas... read more

Carpet Construction Dissected: Which is Right for Your Hotel?

How a carpet is constructed dictates performance and appearance, so understanding the difference is important in correct specification within hospitality and leisure locations. Choose the wrong carpet construction for the job at hand and it could cost you money, either through premature wear or over-specification. As always, knowledge is power, so we’ve put together the below guide to help you through the fog.

Car... read more

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